Giving This Old Box New Purpose

toolbox 2

Anyone who knows my dad, knows he’s somewhat of what I would call a “pack rat.”

Although, according to him, it’s great stuff with tons of value!

Sure enough though, any time I’ve ever needed something he pulls out a useful gadget.

Case in point. A while back the tools and miscellaneous stuff in our garage began taking over. We shifted the “stuff” from one shelf to another. We added extra toolboxes. I even purchased plastic containers to organize the “stuff.” However, it was still visible and clutter.

Then we contemplated a professional tool organizer. But have you seen the prices on those things lately? There had to be another option.

Then I had a conversation with dad. “I think I might have something that works for you,” he says.

toolbox 4

I wondered what he would pull from the shelves of the shop. Would it be full of cobwebs and spiders? Would it be useful?

He texted me the measurements and sent me a photo. It wasn’t much to look at it, but it had A LOT of space! As for the rusty exterior, it was nothing a can of paint couldn’t fix.

toolbox 1

I cleaned it up, dusted off the cobwebs and began with one can of red paint. Then another. By the end, 13 cans sat empty on my driveway.

But what resulted was a pretty cool toolbox for us. At one time it was destined for the trash pile, but has now been given new life.

toolbox 7

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