Ornament Countdown – Day 10

The journey continues on revealing an ornament from my collection (see related post).

Day 10: 2007 Snowman Bell


  • Large craft bell (I found rusty red bells)
  • Paints: white, orange, black, yellow, green
  • Paint brushes of varying sizes
  • Sponges
  • Twine

Instructions: Start with the white paint on a brush and dab out some of the paint on a paper towel. Dab on the paint using soft textured actions to keep the snowman looking like he has rough edges. You may also use a sponge for this action. Using a brush, paint on the snowman’s hat of any color you want, adding fringe details and black edging. Paint the snowman’s eyes and mouth with black, his carrot nose with orange. For extra texture and detail, I used the sponge and added extra paint texture around the bell. Add a piece of twine for the hanger.


Ornament Countdown – Day 7

The journey continues on revealing an ornament from my collection (see related post).

Day 7: 2004 Snowman


  • Styrofoam balls (2 sizes for head and body)
  • Wood boot cutouts
  • Wood mittens cutouts
  • Scrap fabric
  • Wire
  • Paints: Pearly white, black, orange, red
  • Hot glue gun
  • Small craft drill

Instructions: Start by painting the body and head of the snowman with the pearly white. (I found a paint that has a shimmer to it!) Paint the mittens red and boots black. Let dry and then drill small holes in them all to thread the wire. Paint the face on the snowman, including eyes, a mouth and carrot nose. Add buttons to his body with black paint.

Next, cut a piece of wire that is long enough to have a hanger for the top and go through the head and body. Thread it through the head, then into the body. Have about 2 inches come out the bottom and make a loop, partially starting the loop that will go back into the body. Take a piece of wire for the legs and thread the boots onto the wire, trimming the excess. Thread the leg wire through the loop you formed with the body wire. Push the remaining wire into the snowman body and secure with a dab of hot glue to help hold that in place. Take the wire for the arms and thread the mitten on one side. Push the wire through the body, add the other mitten. Trim excess wire. Twist the wire at the top for a hanger. Add a scrap piece of fabric for the scarf.


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