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Outfitting a Nurse in Training


When the hubby first started working in a local OR, it wasn’t long before he wanted some of the fun printed scrub hats that many other health care professionals wear. After all, he is a nursing in training and needs to keep up with the latest fashion.

But after taking one glance at the price tag of scrub hats found in local stores, I turned to the local fabric store. I knew a thing or two about sewing.

We found a pattern and then set out to select fabric. Of course, the fabric had to be suitable for a guy. Nothing too frilly. Nothing too busy. And of course, nothing too childish.

hat 7

The first scrub hat was the hardest as the hubby wanted something that fit him. As I tucked one area and trimmed another, I created a customized pattern that fits his head. After the first one, the rest flew off the sewing machine giving the hubby his own scrub hat collection.

But with wear and tear, many of those scrub hats have made their way to the trash. So on a recent Saturday morning when the hubby went to work, so did I.

hat 6

The timing was perfect as my mother-in-law had just sent us a yard of fabric complete with one of KJ’s favorite Texas teams. From the back of the closet I pulled out the other fabric that the hubby bought a year ago and started cutting out pieces.

hat 5

I think the Texas Longhorns scrub hat has already quickly become a favorite!

hat 2

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