Patchwork Memories


I’ve been a quilter since age 13, so my stash of leftover fabrics had begun to take over my crafting corners. In one bag was red and blues from a patriotic wall hanging I made my mother years ago, while another included scraps of yellow from a bright and cheery quilt I made my nephew. Every piece of fabric evoked another memory, but together those patterns and colors gave me a vision for patchwork pillows that would make perfect gifts.

Being the only girl, my niece got all the flowery and sparkly fabrics. Yellow flowers with pink centers, purple butterflies and yellow stars made for the perfect girly pillow that matches her princess room.


My oldest nephew has a room covered in camouflage so the green fabrics, complete with a few authentic camouflage patterns, resulted in a pillow that will blend into his surroundings. My twin nephews got a blue and red pillow that they put to use the first night they got them as they snuggled into bed.



Wrapped up with bows, the pillows turned into a great handcrafted gift that they now have to make new memories. As I look forward to 2013, I need to brainstorm some new crafting projects. How do you plan to be creative this year?


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