Fremont Troll

A Troll Under the Bridge

Many of you know that the hubby and I have a huge love of the Pacific Northwest and have often spent our downtime relaxing on the San Juan Islands, exploring British Columbia, and taking part in the lively city life of Seattle. Last fall we were dreaming of our past trips to the islands and started exploring our next trip as we scoured websites. Two days later we had booked our next trip and then just had to wait months until the adventure began.

Within minutes of us landing at the airport, the hubby was already giddy with excitement to check out the troll under the bridge. Tucked under the George Washington Memorial Bridge, the Fremont Troll was sculpted by four artists in an effort to rehabilitate the area. We punched Fremont Troll into our navigation on our phone and we were off. It didn’t take long and we turned up a street to see the huge troll in front of us, almost as if it was ready to pounce on us.

I admit I was a bit skeptical, but was surprised to see how unique it was in person. And like the descriptions say, it was huge! Giant like something out of scary comic book that was going to come to life at any moment and snatch you up for a snack. After all, it had already grasped an actual Volkswagen Beetle into one of it’s hands!

It’s certainly an iconic piece for Seattle, and one you should check out if you’re in the neighborhood!

Up next on our trip: catching a ferry ride to the islands.



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