Fence Staining Complete

Second project of the season: Re-stain the fence.

This wasn’t a job either my hubby or I looked forward to, but it certainly needed done. The last time we had stained the fence was in 2008. It wasn’t too bad at that point so we just stained a fresh coat over the top to seal it all up. Now nine years later, the stain was peeling in every area. We knew this project required some power washing.

I had hoped we could hire out the power washing and make quick work of the project. All I can say is that I’m glad I didn’t have to pay anything for that first power washing job! With a fence our size and the amount of peeling I figured the power washing would take a few days. I guess this company had other plans. Luckily my neighbor was home that afternoon when that crew arrived to watch them power wash our entire fence inside and out in less than 30 minutes. Let me remind you that we have a HUGE yard and LOTS of fence! Our inspection that evening proved that 30 minutes wasn’t going to cut it as it didn’t make a dent in all the peeling stain still on the boards. We gave them an option to fix it, and when they chose not to we moved on to DIY mode.

Thankfully a friend of mine had a power washer and allowed us to borrow it. Little did we know that this DIY project was messy!

It took us a few weeks to get that power washing complete with rain and life delays. In the end, it took us about 22 hours to power wash that fence as we stripped it to the bare boards.

The new stain soaked right into the freshly cleaned fence boards as one board at a time came to life with the vibrant stain color. Before you ask, yes, we did stain it with brushes and rollers as it penetrated the boards much better than spraying. I even had a neighbor drive by while I was staining in 90-degree temps assuming I had gone crazy to be out there with a brush and roller! The staining certainly didn’t take as long as the power washing and within a few days we were all complete.

Those last two boards to get stained were a welcome site! That fence better be good to go for years to come. Another DIY project for the books from the Ritter household.


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