Pallets Repurposed


I’ve admired dozens of pallet artwork projects in recent years as I checked them out in stores and pinned them to my Pinterest page. You know the type – recycled wood pallets ripped apart and then painted with beautiful artwork and phrases. These artistic wall creations add a unique style to any room. All you need it a little creativity and imagination to turn a weathered piece of wood into artwork.

My Pinterest idea boards continued to grow as I knew someday I’d make one of these fun art projects. Then I was told I could take as many pallets as I wanted from an ever-growing pile. I filled our truck and put my hubby to work pulling them apart so that I could put them back together in sign format. That was two months ago. The completed signs sat in my garage collecting dusk as I figured out what my first project would be.



Then I came across my favorite phrase for the season (and a favorite movie!) – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year – and went to work on my first pallet project.

With paintbrush in hand, my deep red base coat went on. I laid out the wording on my computer and printed the letters to trace onto the pallet. Letter by letter the project came to life.



While this particular piece was auctioned off for a good cause, I’m ready for my next project. Christmas is right around the corner!

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