Our Bed Snuggler

Hello, I’m Dirk. I have awesome people who take care of me and feed me a lot of yummy treats! I like it when they take me on these outside adventures so that I can sniff out all kinds of animals, food and other good stuff. Sometimes I even get to chase these white balls that come flying in the air from the nearby grassy park. I’ve picked them up before, but my people always tell me to drop them as soon as another person comes to hit it with a big stick.

I’ve had some great adventures in my 11 years, including camping trips to the mountains, running around my mom’s farm, playing with the big dogs with long pointed ears – I think my people call them mules, and chasing yellow balls until I’m exhausted. Those are really my favorite!

I’m pretty lucky because at home I have lots of comfy beds to lay on. Downstairs I have this one brown bed that my people tell me is mine. It’s pretty nice, but I prefer the large brown couch with puffy pillows because I can really get cozy. There is another couch in the other room that is green, but I’m not allowed on it. Sometimes though, when my people are gone all day, I jump up there because the sun comes in the big window and I’m really nice and warm there all afternoon. My favorite spot is upstairs on this big bed with lots of pillows and blankets. Sometimes I remove all the pillows because they are in my way, and I burrow down into the blankets and tuck myself in for a nap. But the best time is when my people come to this bed when it’s dark out and I can snuggle in right between them. I truly have a great life!

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  • Awwwww! I love Dirk! ❤

  • That’s a great dog’s life. Ours was always treated extremely good. Comfy bed, a bath, teeth brushed and vet for regular checkups. He was treated like I would treat a kid, member of the family. Love this story . Thanks for posting Kristi.
    Love this story.

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