Ornament Countdown – Day 5

The journey continues on revealing an ornament from my collection (see related post).

Day 5: 2002 Gingerbread Man


  • Wood gingerbread man cutout (available at craft stores)
  • Heart cutout
  • Paints: brown, green, red, white, black
  • Red ribbon
  • Twine
  • Glue

Instructions: Start by painting the entire gingerbread man brown. Then use the green paint to add his shirt. Add the white edging to his arms and legs for detail. Paint the heart red and personalize as you would like. Glue the heart to the body. Now it’s time to add the final details. Add black dots for the eyes. Then dab a bit of black paint on your brush and brush it dry on a paper towel until little paint remains. Add the dry brush strokes to the gingerbread man body. With the white paint, dry the brush until little paint remains. Splatter the white paint on to add the texture. Add the red ribbon with a dab of glue. Attach the piece of twine to the back with glue.


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