Ornament Countdown – Day 12

The journey continues on revealing an ornament from my collection (see related post).

Day 12: 2009 Santa Paintbrush


  • Small craft paintbrush
  • Piece of craft paper or linen paper
  • Paints: red, flesh, off white, black, white
  • Delta Decorative Snow
  • Twine
  • Hot glue

Instructions: Start by painting the handle of the brush red for the hat. Cut a piece of craft paper or linen paper to wrap around the brass portion of the brush. Glue in place. Paint Santa’s face with the flesh paint. Add an off-white mustache and black eyes. For the nose, I used white paint, but put a small amount on the brush, then dabbed it on a paper towel to get out the most of the paint. Then brush on a slight nose. With white paint on your brush, speckle it on the red handle to add the splotches. Then, with the decorative snow, dab it on for the brim of Santa’s hat and the tip. Add twine as a hanger.


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