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Happy Sunday… and Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s the day that has been set aside for all things love. A day when fresh flowers fill our homes and chocolates tempt our taste buds.

Last night when the hubby and I were running errands, we saw a guy exit a store with a huge teddy bear more than half the height of him and a bouquet of flowers just as large. We looked at each other and just smirked. Just what does a large bear have to do with Valentine’s Day?

For the two of us, Valentine’s Day may be an excuse for enjoying chocolate covered strawberries and red roses. But more importantly, it’s another day for us to remind each other why we are together.


What do I love?

I love that after almost 10 years of marriage, we can still make each other laugh.

I love that a good night out is really a great night in.

I love that we’ve become stronger through this crazy life.

I love that after a stressful day, coming home to each other makes everything better.

I love that a text message that randomly says hi, really means so much more.

Have a wonderful weekend, and take time to celebrate those you love.


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