Falling for Autumn Color

Fall is certainly one of my favorite times of year. First because the temperatures drop allowing me to grab my favorite blanket to snuggle up in. And second, the colors that decorate our landscapes are absolutely breathtaking.

It’s well into autumn here in Colorado as the crunch of leaves beneath my feet are a tell-tale sign. Walks with the dog have allowed even my furry friend to sniff around in the piles of leaves that blanket our lawns. While we still have some time to go until our full autumn season comes to the Front Range, the mountains are in their full splendor.

The hubby, pup and I have done several fall hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park and the Indian Peaks Wilderness. But I’d have to say my favorite certainly has been Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Nestled into the mountains above Golden, this 12,000 acre+ park offers beautiful forests, mountainous peaks and my favorite, tons of aspens!

20140928GoldenGateCanyon_Fall (2)

20140928GoldenGateCanyon_Fall (10)

20140928GoldenGateCanyon_Fall (16)

With friends who had meet us at the trail head, we took off on the Raccoon Trail, which is a 2.5 mile loop that starts with a spectacular view at Panorama Point of the Continental Divide before you begin down the tree-lined trail. Thus begins the fun with the pup.

golden gate

For anyone who knows our dog, Dirk, you know how much of a force he can be. Put him in a harness and give him a trail in his eyesight, and he’s all business. And why not? He has trails to hike and places to explore. However, being on the other end of that leash is always an adventure that you’re never quite sure where it will take you. I wonder if there is a pedometer for dogs? I’d love to know how many steps that dog takes over and above us!

20140928GoldenGateCanyon_Fall (19)

The trail is quite easy, except for the end where it seems to be a constant series of steps upward. But nothing that a dog in front of you can’t help with!

Enjoy this season. It’s beautiful.

2014-09-28 17.12

P.S. Have you traveled the Peak to Peak Highway? Here’s a sneak peak.




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  • Man, we need to get down to your area to walk on more of those trails…Just beautiful pics…The fall colors are just awesome.

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