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This past weekend the hubby and I and the dog hopped in the car for a day trip to escape the Colorado Front Range heat. Many of you know I’m a North Dakota native, so I believe the love of cold temperatures runs deep. And right now, I’m over the summer heat! Bring on the cool days and nights for comfortable sleeping, fresh air and less air conditioning.

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Our mini road trip certainly allowed us to escape the heat as we took off for Rocky Mountain National Park and the adventures that awaited on Fall River Road. For those of you not familiar with this route, this was the first auto route in RMNP to take visitors to the highest point in the park. Today it’s a one-way dirt road to the top that offers stunning views, waterfalls and a chance to see a lot of wildlife. We actually saw a ton of wildlife throughout our adventures that day including bighorn sheep, moose, elk, deer, marmot and pica.

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Our road trip continued over the top to Grand Lake where we discovered the Grand Lake Lodge for the first time. As a National Historic Register building, we’d love to return some weekend for an escape!

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Our travels took us south through Winter Park before we stopped for another break for the dog at Berthoud Pass and a chance for a short walk. We connected to I70 and then Clear Creek Canyon before traveling Highway 93 north from Golden to Boulder and then home.

The dog was certainly happy to get home as I think it was probably too many hours in the car for him. For us it was a great day that reminded us why we live in this beautiful state.

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