The Colors Are Changing


I know most people would think that my favorite time of year is winter. Yes I was born and raised most of my life in the frozen north (the great state of North Dakota!) and I love nothing better than a good snow storm. It’s even better if it turns into a snow day! Who doesn’t? But the change of colors in the fall to deep red, vibrant orange and sunny yellow gets me excited for a new season.

While I know it’s not quite fall for a couple more days, last week I already pulled out my fall treasures. Along with the change in colors comes everything else I love about fall.



Crunchy leaves under my feet as I walk the dog.

A cool brisk air coming in my windows.

And the wonderful scents of cinnamon.

We’re almost at the cusp of the color change here in Colorado. Down here on the Front Range I’ve seen maple trees begin to drop their red leaves, and aspens turn to a bright yellow. Next weekend should be the high point of the colors and the hubby and I already have our trip planned to Colorado’s high country. Stay tuned for more glimpses at the season.

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