New Carpet is Completely Worth the Wait

carpet 6

When we bought our home eight years ago we weren’t crazy about the light colored builder-grade carpet. But it was our “new” home and it could be upgraded later. Little did we know it would take eight years to get it upgraded.

Every year we’ve done some type of home improvement project. A dishwasher. A new sink. A new furnace. And a lot of love to the yard. The yard has been our baby as we’ve added tons of plants, garden boxes and trees. It’s finally where we love it so it was time to turn to the interior of the house.

We’ve thrown around the idea of upgrading the carpet on several occasions. We’ve even looked at samples before. But for some reason we always pushed it aside.

Not any more. In the weeks following the flooding to Colorado we found ourselves ordering new carpet. Not because ours had been destroyed by the floods, but because we were finally ready.

carpet 1

On install day I watched as crews moved out all of our furniture. (Note: This was an upgrade, but SO worth it!) They pulled out the old carpet, revealing bare floors that made the entire house echo. They worked quickly, adding the new pad and then the carpet itself.

carpet 3

carpet 4

carpet 7

In a matter of a few hours our entire house was transformed making way for a warm feel throughout the space. I can’t believe we waited so long to upgrade.

P.S. Check out this dramatic before and after picture!

carpet 5

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