DIY Projects Continue: Paint & Lighting


I lost track of how many gallons of paint I purchase for my recent DIY project, but I’m thinking it was about 20 to cover every wall and ceiling. After I completed our kitchen and bathroom cabinet transformation last fall, the paint throughout the house needed redone. We just marked 11 years in our home and we were lucky enough to be able to move right in since all of the paint at that time was fresh and a perfect color to our liking.

Fast forward throughout those 11 years to color fading, along with wrestling by the hubby and dog who fells into the walls, and this home needed a paint refresh.

New color on the left - Behr Smokestack - versus the old.

New color on the left – Behr Smokestack – versus the old on right.

We picked the colors last spring when I started my painting project in our master bedroom. My goal – keep the paint consistent and as neutral as much as possible throughout and then accent with color. The new color – Behr Smokestack – the perfect taupe color with some gray undertones that blended perfected with the carpet – another home project!

However, one bathroom into my paint job and I realized just how badly the ceilings also needed paint. Honestly, I don’t think they were actually white! I pride myself in keeping a clean house, but those ceilings were either gray or dirty. (I’m going with the gray.)


The wall color completely transformed our space changing from a yellowish tan to a fresh smoky taupe. But the mess also followed me. For weeks we lived in a plastic draped home cover every piece of furniture, flooring and cabinets. When I finished with the base color I even added a couple of punch walls with burnt orange and espresso brown.





And then I called in an electrician. If we were going to paint the ceilings, now was the perfect time to get rid of the dated kitchen lighting. Out with the old track lighting and in with new recessed LED lights that brought our beautiful kitchen up to spec. The difference is extraordinary that I can’t believe we waited so long. We also updated our dining room and flyer lights, as well as the bathrooms to get rid of the builder grade Hollywood vanity style.



bath-1With that, this recent DIY project is complete. I’m OK if I don’t see a paint brush for another 10 years. Now to enjoy our home for the holidays.


Bedroom Makeover


I completed our bedroom makeover last spring, but it wasn’t until recently that I finished all of the rest of the painting throughout the house. For those of you who know me, my summers are spent planning events and there is no time for DIY projects!

Last fall I embarked on a kitchen makeover project that involved refinishing our cabinets. At the end of that 7-week project I had landed myself a new one – painting the entire house.

In October of this year we celebrated 11 years in our home. It truly has become a favorite place for us as we’ve made small upgrades here and there to put our touch on it, like new flooring and landscaping. We were lucky when we moved in that the paint was fresh and the perfect color for our taste. But throughout time, paint wears and tastes change. It was time for a refresh.


Our master bedroom makeover last spring had been sometime the hubby and I spoke about for some time in an effort to upgrade our bed to a king size. Needless to say, a new bed frame, comforter and curtains added to our project budget. The makeover started by finding the new comforter as that would set the tone for the paint. I wanted to keep paint colors consistent throughout the house, so I selected Behr Smokestack for the walls which provided a nice taupe color for the entire house.



With paint roller in hand I started on the adventure. What I didn’t realize was how faded the dark green suede finish actually was. I guess I never looked at the paint that close! The new color quickly brightened up the room and two coats later it was done! Dirk was especially happy to get his bed back too!


A short time later we got our new bed frame and linens which fully transformed the room, along with a stunning photograph that we purchased from artist Thomas Ashcraft, who is a photographer on the San Juan Island. The islands are a special place for us as we spent our honeymoon there and a return trip for our 10th wedding anniversary. The photo is of the Pelindaba Lavendar Farm on the island of which we’ve been to and frequent their store online. Now we have a piece of that beautiful scenery in our home.



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